The IWIBA National Championships took place from Friday 15th January – Sunday 17th January at County Antrim Indoor Bowling Club hosted by President Wilma Adair.

Due to a number of players qualifying in several disciplines, namely Chloe Watson, Sandra Bailie and Marie McCord, a busy and long weekend took place as only one game could be played in each session and as it turned out a very successful one for these three players.

The first final to take place  was the U25 Singles which was played in a very competitive and sporting manner between Allana McKee and Chloe Watson with Chloe winning.

The Fours final was next and was between Sandra Bailie’s four which included Marie McCord, Allana McKee and Chloe Watson from BIBC, and Jennifer Dowds’ four of Anne McClelland, Barbara Logue and Anne Smith from BCIBC.  This was a keenly fought game resulting in Sandra Bailie’s four winning.

The Triples final took place on Saturday evening and was contested by Sandra Bailie, Marie McCord and Chloe Watson from BIBC and Alice Elliott, Patricia Calvin and Maureen Robinson BCIBC.  Sandra’s triple were the winners.

Sunday morning saw the final of the Pairs between Sandra Bailie and Chloe Watson BIBC against Barbara Cameron and Muriel Wilkinson from the host club CAIBC.  Again this was a close and competitive game with Sandra and Chloe coming out on top to take the title.

The Singles game was between Chloe Watson BIBC and Noelle Graham BCIBC.  Noelle and Chloe battled out the early ends shot for shot until the score was even at 7 all, but then Chloe appeared to ‘go up a gear’ and won successive ends to take the title.

Chloe won all five national titles over the weekend which is the first time anyone in the IWIBA has achieved this.

President Wilma Adair also presented the Inter-Club Shield to Irene Minnis from BIBC which they had successfully won.

President Wilma Adair made the presentations to the finalists and wished the winners well as they go forward to represent Ireland at the British Isles Championships in March at Llanelli IBC in Wales.  Chloe Watson replied on behalf of the competitors thanking President Wilma and the IWIBA Officers for their work, the spectators for their support over the weekend and the host club for their hospitality.


NB Photographs of the winners and presentations can be found in the Gallery.