The National Championships were hosted by President Wilma Adair at County Antrim Indoor Bowls Club over the weekend 27th – 29th January 2023. This was a busy and long weekend for a number of players who had qualified in multiple disciplines.

The final results were as follows:

Junior Singles S O’Neill (BCIBC) 21 Z Stratton (BCIBC) 5

Singles S O’Neill (BCIBC) 16 S Bailie MBE (BIBC) 21

Pairs C Watson, S Bailie MBE (BIBC) 26 Z Stratton, S McIntyre (BCIBC) 6

Triples N Graham, A McKillop, D Baird (BCIBC) 15 C Watson, A Morris, S Bailie MBE (BIBC) 18

Fours M Devlin, Z Stratton, S McIntyre, S O’Neill (BCIBC) 28 N Graham, A Elliott, A McKillop, D Baird (BCIBC) 17

President Wilma made the presentations and congratulated the winners and wished them all the very best when they represent Ireland in the British Isles Championships in Abbeyview IBC, Dunfermline, 13th – 15th March 2023.

Singles – Sandra Bailie MBE

Junior Singles – Shauna O’Neill

Pairs – Chloe Watson & Sandra Bailie MBE

Triples – Chloe Watson, Alison Morris & Sandra Bailie MBE

Fours – Megan Devlin, Zoe Stratton, Sophie McIntyre & Shauna O’Neill