Code of Conduct

Rule 13

The Code of Conduct applies equally to all the Association’s Officials, Executive Council Members and players. The Association expects all members and players to be aware of, and adhere to, the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls, as issued by the World Indoor Bowls Council. The Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Secretaries of each affiliated club are responsible to the Association for the application of the following Code of Conduct and for ensuring that all players and Officials are fully conversant with the contents of the code

(a) all players must report 15 minutes before the official start time in Trials/Practice matches, a failure to do so will result in a reserve player being appointed to play;

(b) any player or Official who, by her standard of behaviour, brings the game into disrepute renders herself liable to disciplinary action;

(c ) dress code will be as laid down by the British Women’s Indoor Bowling Council guidelines and will be adhered to at all times;

(d) any specific instructions issued for a Match/Championship/International Series will be deemed to form part of this code;

(e) in the event of an ‘absence from the green’ then Rule 62 of the current Laws of the Game (or appropriate rule of subsequent Laws of the Game) will apply;

(f) where instances of breaking the Code of Conduct are identified the player(s) concerned will appear before a disciplinary sub-committee appointed by the Executive Council and, if necessary, sanctions will be applied with immediate effect, with any appeal to such sanctions being addressed in writing to the Honorary Secretary.