IRELAND 2019 IIBC World U25 Mixed Pairs Winners


Congratulations to Zoe Minish and Adam McKeown who have won the 2019 IIBC World U25 Mixed Pairs.

The IIBC World Under 25 Championships were played at West Denton IBC, England with representatives from 14 countries taking part, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Pakistan, Switzerland, Tonga and representatives from the home nations of England, Guernsey, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

The competition was played over a number of days on a knock-out basis with Ireland represented by Zoe Minish 17yrs old and Adam McKeown 19rs old.  They successfully negotiated their way to the final after beating Scotland in the semi-final in the Tie-Break end with Adam playing a super bowl to win the game.  Ireland’s opponents in the final were Paris Baker (Tonga) and Jordan Driscoll (Wales).  Paris and Jordan won the first set 10 – 4 and then Zoe and Adam fought back from a 0 – 5 deficit to win the second set 5 – 9 forcing the game into a one end Tie-Break.  Zoe played her first bowl close to the jack, which lay shot to the final bowl was played.  Adam and Zoe had both placed back bowls and with the opposition just slipping by with subsequent bowls it was down to Jordan Driscoll to try to change the head with his last bowl.  He played his bowl connecting with the jack moving it to the back of the rink but when the jack settled an Ireland bowl was closest to win the game for Ireland.

Well done to all four young players on getting to the final and playing so well.