The final of the Triples was completed on Friday evening with the results being as follows:

Wilma Adair, Muriel Wilkinson, Barbara Cameron 16   v   18 Zoe Minish, Alison Morris, Sandra Bailie MBE

Congratulations to the winners who will now represent Ireland at the British Isles Championships in March at Falcon IBC, Chelmsford, England.

A number of other games were brought forward and completed over the last two weeks. 

Results are as follows:

Fours Semi-Final

Sandra Bailie MBE 25   v   9 Muriel Wilkinson

Pairs Semi-Final

Barbara Cameron 14   v   25 Lesley Mills

Singles Semi-Final

Zoe Minish 21   v   12 Sophie McIntyre

Triples Semi-Finals

Barbara Cameron 18   v   12 Lesley Mills

Sandra Bailie MBE 24   v   5 Shauna O’Neill

The remainder of the games will be completed over the scheduled Championship weekend Friday 26th – Sunday 28th January 2024.